INTERNET ACTIVITIESMany thanks for your answers so far. We'd like to ask you a couple of other questions, to get a better picture of your interests. All answers given are registered 100% anonymously.How often do you engage in the following internet activities for private purposes? *
 NeverLess than once a yearAnnuallyMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Make weblogs
Downloading RSS feeds
Instant messaging with webcam
Watching video images
Downloading vodcasts
Online banking
Downloading podcasts
Listening to music
Games via internet single player
Downloading music illegally
Downloading video images
Read weblogs
Using route planners
Instant messaging without webcam
Online gambling
Buying and selling shares
VoIP with webcam
Sending e-cards
Downloading music legally
Games via internet multiplayer
Watching TV programs
VoIP without webcam
Upload video clips

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